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Swimming Squads

Swimming Squads are a great place for swimmers to hone their swimming skills, have fun and improve aerobic fitness and strength. Squads are a great place to develop life long friendships, gain competency and confidence for competitive swimming competitions (especially school competition) and develop a platform of aquatic skills that will allow individuals to become involved in sports such as, triathlon, waterpolo and surf lifesaving.


Fitness for life is well served in swimming squad programs where professional coaches deliver programs based on an individuals swimming experience based on aquatic knowledge and skill. 

Your pathway to faster and efficient swimming


Swimmers who are primarily over the age of 15 years aiming to compete in State Championship finals and qualify for National Age and Open Championships.


Swimmers will be engaged in learning to train for success, including developing race skills for individual events, relays and Open Water Championships.

Elementary Squad

Swimmers will be engaged in learning experiences that develop foundation skills in all four strokes, Individual Medley, starts, turns, finishes and diving. The goal of this training squad is to teach swimmers positive training habits and to encourage participation in competitive swimming.

Junior Squad

Junior Squad members will learn swimming efficiency and technique in all four strokes and Individual Medley. Classes will also teach starts and turns for competition. These swimmers will be encouraged to compete at school, club and local swimming meets.

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